Are you going to hire for soft skills for your organization? Companies must understand that for the highest –educated generation in history, it’s the soft skills that will define a future leader. While you are hiring candidates you actually securing the future of your organization in a millennial-dominated workforce. In order to identify growth potential, you must keep these soft skills in your mind while hiring process. 1. Leadership Skills Image Source: Pixabay There are some ways that will definitely help to identify an emerging leader in the hiring process. On the resume look for Trained, Advised and Directed. In an interview, ask: Describe a project or idea that was implemented primarily because of your efforts.What was your role?What was the outcome? Evaluate if – They took the initiative, Whether they took ownership of their work How passionate they felt about their projectThey seemed to work well with others They accomplished a successful result 2. Communication Skills Image Source: Pixabay The most important part while hiring process because effective communication is the foundation of the productive organization. On the resume look for Negotiated, Consulted and Collaborated. In an interview, ask: Have you ever had a disagreement with another employee at the workplace? If yes then How did you resolve it? Evaluate if – They clearly articulated their issue with their coworkersWhether they were able to resolve the problem without an escalating (If they say, they have never had a disagreement it may be a red flag) 3. Problem Solving cum Critical Thinking It’s one…