Fresh Grads


Applying for jobs is a very tiring & tedious process and the same happens at an HR/Hiring manager end. They usually review thousands of Job applications to find the right fit, so how do you stand out of the crowd? Read the Job Description & Requirements well: It’s very important for candidates to know whether they really fit the role or not, if you don’t fit the role at all don’t waste your time applying for the job as you will never get a revert but in case you think you might pick some of the skills they require – Read the point no and follow those steps. Just for your information – I had recently posted a VP Engineering role online and trust me 50% of the job applications that I received were from fresher’s or students in their final year. Cover Note: I have seen many job applicants making separate cover notes and attaching it with the email. Rather your cover note itself can become your email body. Do not mention things that are already there on your resume rather market yourself. Tell the Recruiter Why you fit the particular role. How passionate you are – Tell your story What have been your major accomplishments in life? Mention your Github, Stack overflow, LinkedIn and other social media links, If you have an online portfolio or website or blogs that you write to share it with them. Do not share your mark sheets, passport copies, and other such documents…