There are top Beauty Startups in India which is ideal for every new startup. These are very well known Startups now. They provide the best products in all over the world. These are successful companies which is a success by their service and product quality. The cosmetic industry is one of the fastest growing sectors. The demand for Beauty and Cosmetic products is increasing with time. Today’s condition is that human expenses lots of money on beauty products. According to survey global cosmetic market is expected $950 million. And in India Cosmetic and beauty market is estimated at 74,700 crores.

Top Beauty and Cosmetic Startups in India.


Nykaa is India’s best brand in the cosmetic industry. It was founded in April 2013 as an online shop. Nykaa has 17 offline stores in India. It has 850+ brands and 35000+ products. It is a well-known Startup in India. Nykaa provides cosmetic, fragrance, skin and hair care products.

Founder :- Falguni nayar

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Purplle is Mumbai based Startup company. It provides Spa and Salon services. It is an online marketplace. It has own App for booking an appointment for Spa and Salon. Purplle also provides the best cosmetic beauty products. They started with Red Pigment Clay and now they are best in Mascara, Lipstick, Eye Kajal, Blush, Liner, etc.

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Founder:- Manish Taneja and Rahul Dash.


It is on demand Startup company based in Mumbai, India. It provides doorstep services to their customers. They have Hair, Beauty, Nails, and Spa services. Myglamm has 1800+ beauty professional team.

Founder:– Darpan Sanghvi.

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Zyloon startup starts with the aim to create union into beauty, fitness, fashion, and mindfulness impacting the billion live on the planet. Zyloon is Salon chain owner. They select Zyloon name because of sounds like Salon. They have a mission to open 75000 salons in 5 years in India. You will also get free hair tips and consultant on their every salon branch.

Founder :– Gourav Goyal and Anshuman Shah.

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Getlook is a marketplace for salon and beauty professionals. They provide services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi. Their goal is to make salon home service easy, reliable and cheaper as like online shopping. It starts to give services to busy successful women’s.

Founder:- Gourav Maheshwari

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Stayglad is an online platform where the customer can book beauty service appointment from their home. Their stylish use of branded and quality products. It is time-consuming. It is a Bangalore based company.

Founder :- Shashank Gupta.

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All these are leading and growing startups of India in beauty and cosmetic sector. These are making Headline on beauty segment. All of these companies provide beauty and cosmetic services.  Maximum Startups focused on Door Step services. Beauty and cosmetics market in India will be expected $2.68 billion by the year 2020.



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