If you are a recruiter then you can understand well that time is a very precious resource you have. While hiring-shifting timeline, changing recruitment and the busy schedule of the candidate take too much time. In this era of information and technology by simplifying applications and leverage technology, you can automate the tasks that can save a huge amount of valuable time and help people to get better jobs within a short time.

Here are a few hacks that can help you to save time and accelerate hiring:

Streamline Application Process

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Nothing excites a recruiter more than sharing his/her passion for technology to build trust between candidate and hiring managers. Make your application system simple so that qualified candidate can process it flawlessly, if your application system is complicated or time taking then people can give up and you may lose talented candidates. In short word I would like to say that make the application process simple by focusing on usability.

Feedback | Survey

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As a required job is filled with the desired candidate, create a short survey and ask applicants for feedback in brief. Give space to comment section and say thank to each candidate who applying and participating in the survey. This will help you to complete your application and interview process quickly.

Scheduling Tool

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If you have multiple roles to fill for that job and you have to arrange all the required candidates for interview, you will have to make much effort and give time to arranging interviews. You can make this task easier by letting applicant schedule time for an interview.

It is much more efficient because time scheduled by a candidate is more convenient than the time given by a recruiter for an interview.
There are some helpful tools are available and compatible with all the latest gadget. With the help of these scheduling tools, applicants choose available meeting and schedule interview with just few clicks

Email alerts & Notification

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You can create automated email notification alerts for your search criteria. Such features allow you to filter by applicant’s Job Title, work experience, certified and so on, even you can search by zip code, city, and state.
As you completed search terms you will get filtered list of qualified resumes, you can choose the best of them and can save your valuable time. It is much more efficient way than the old way of sorting out resumes one by one.

Some other important hacks you can keep in your mind and can save you valuable time during the hiring process are:

  • Use time blocks to arrange your core tasks
  • Use a scheduling tool to save time coordinating
  • Know how much you’ll need to source for the role
  • Know how many resumes you will review
  • Prioritize candidates and managers
  • Say No! Only say yes to the things that add value to your candidates

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