In 2019 these recruiting trends will help to improve your recruiting strategy. By implementing these trends while hiring will significantly impact your recruiting process.

So are you ready to implement these trends?



It has been an important topic for recruitment agencies. Diversity is a way to change and improve and evolve companies’ culture, how to improve company performance. Recruiting agencies really want to make sure that their company’s performance is improved by having the most diverse talents.

Recruiters have started to recognize diversity in the workplace as a recruitment strategy that maximizes levels of productivity and engagement and producing more innovative ideas in the workplace and loyalty of employees.

Re-Inventing The Interview Process

Interview Process

We have to to take it seriously, why? It is a kind of disaster when you spend too much time interviewing some. Do we really need to spend that much time? Do the candidates really need to meet with 4 to 5 or more people?

There is a lot of tool, data, information out there that can drive a tremendous amount of efficiency and saves costs of the company.

So reinventing the interview process serves great opportunity for all of us to improve the way that we interact with our candidates.


LinkedIn Data

Data is the new corporate superpower. 69% of professionals think that Data could elevate their position. Now there is data everywhere and we need to embrace it and use it in a way toimpact the business, get better results and drive productivity and efficiencyfor our team.

We found that when you take the time to find something in the data that is going to improve your chances to outreach to the candidate you get a positive response, you must use it. Some of the social media platforms like; LinkedIn has been building awesome products related to leveraging data and insights on all the work we do to recruit the right candidate.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays everyone is talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence) that acts as your secret workhorse. If you are someone who processes and administrators, you are probably going to be challenged in your future because AI will be replacing some of the processes that we do manually today

Top Skills AI is Least Likely To Replace

Things unlikely to be replaced by AI

• Building relationships with candidates

• Seeing candidate potential beyond credentials

• Judging “Culture add” or “Culture fit”

• Gauging candidate interpersonal skills

• Convincing candidate to accept offers

If you have thousands of candidates to recruit then Artificial intelligence and automation process can help candidates down to the best hundred candidates.

So those are four of the hottest topics for 2019. The world of talent acquisition is changing and it is probably the biggest call to leadership that you as a recruiter may ever have in your career. Think about it,

• The impact you can have through hiring more diverse talent

• Change the way that you engage candidates through the interview process

• Leveraging the data

• Some of the most exciting technology anywhere, with the advent of all things artificial intelligence

If you want to stay on top of new recruiting trends and take your recruiting strategy to that level you have been desiring for, TalentStack helps you find and hire the best and right candidates along with analysis, metrics and monitoring the entire recruitment process.


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