Tell us something about yourself?
I am a Confident, Creative and Result-oriented HR professional with over 9 years of experience in People Management. Acknowledged for decisive leadership and proven ability to meet hurdles and challenges head-on. I Have handled HR for multiple large-scale companies & startups. Extensive experience in managing a wide spectrum of Human Resource functions mainly of HR Policies, Manpower Planning, Performance Management, Payroll, Employee Data Management, Employee Engagement, Orientation and Development of new employees in the organization, Possess excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.

What excites you about your role at the current organization?
I currently work for an exciting Artificial Intelligence-based product start-up, setting up the entire HR Function from scratch and ensuring the set processes are followed through during the initial stage was challenging and equally motivating as it helped me push the envelope and raise the bar

What are the major challenges that you faced while setting up HR processes at the current organization or any of your previous companies?
Gathering and analyzing data to understand the crux and the health of the organization this was needed so I could understand what I had to do and how do I proceed with the information I had. I found this to be a challenge as this was the essential piece of information to set up the very foundation of HR in the organization and to ensure that the steps taken to iron out things were in sync with Organization Goals

What are the best HR practices you think should a company follow to keep workplace happy?
Ensure the employee is spoken to on regular basis – This is needed to address any issues the employee face at the base level, so matters don’t escalate and blow out of proportion. Maintain an Open Door Policy. Maintain a 2-way Feedback Mechanism
Try and maintain transparency w.r.t flow of information (Top-Bottom) to avoid grapevine
Career Development and Succession Planning

Many start-ups are struggling with employee compensation, so what would you suggest how to structure employee compensation?
Conduct a Compensation Survey to understand Market and Industry Trend so come up with an Employee Compensation Structure. Also, depending on Designation and Job profile, the company can decide if an employee is eligible just for fixed pay or pay for performance or pay mix

What is HR’s responsibility regarding employee’s health especially given today’s start-up culture?

A regular one: one needs to be scheduled with the employees. This helps employees talk about various issues that help one de-stress. Apart from this company can organize health check-ups, provide health insurance policies. Schedule Yoga and Zumba session. Provide subsidized deals for Gym memberships

 Have you faced a lot of backouts after candidates accepting the job offers, Any particular reason that you think were common?

We have come across a few incidents where the candidate has backed out after accepting the offer. The common issue was compensation, most of them got higher counter offers from other companies

What according to you is the best way to keep your employees engaged? What had worked for you?
Career Management /Skill Enhancement Program and Certification/ Training Development
Reward & Recognition. Appreciation Letter to Spouse/ Parent recognizing the work and hours an employee has clocked in. Team Building Activities Cross Dept to bring about a smooth and cordial work culture and build the network across teams

Do you think Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are helping HR’s of today to solve a lot of their day to day challenges?
Yes, I believe it has taken care of the mundane task in HR like providing employees with details of leave balance, policies and holiday details etc

Credits: An HR Leader from the startup fraternity


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